Before you begin...

It is required that all athletes new to the Special Olympics complete the Special Olympics medical form prior to participation. This online form is divided into three sections:

  1. A page for general demographic and contact information
  2. The health history asks for information about the athlete’s medical history
  3. The sports physical exam.

This online form will help in completing the Demographic and Health History portions of the form by walking through each question needed for these sections. The Health History should be filled out by the person (or people) who can give the most complete and accurate account of the athlete’s medical history. That might include the athlete themselves, the parent or guardian, or a caregiver or group home aide.

Once you complete the Health History section, the system will automatically generate a PDF with all that information in the Special Olympics Medical Form. It will also provide a page with the Sports Physical exam form. This PDF can be printed out or saved on your computer. The complete file (health history and blank exam page) should be taken to your physician to have the exam done. The exam form needs to be completed and signed by a physician or other licensed healthcare personnel such as a registered nurse practitioner or physician assistant. Once the exam is done, all the pages of the form should be submitted to your local Special Olympics Program —